RD2U Mobile Mechanics

Servicing & Repairs

We offer full range of vehicle servicing with the option of genuine manufacturer parts or OEM quality.

We can carry out most repairs with our mobile mechanic service, whether its brakes, suspension, exhaust or engine work. In conjunction with using original manufacturer parts and being VAT registered, we can service your car whilst maintaining its manufacturer's warranty .

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Buying a second-hand car can be daunting. That is why we recommend our pre-purchase inspection.

A pre-purchase Inspection gives you a more in depth understanding of what you're buying, and can highlight issues that can be used to negotiate a better price.

Each PPI will include a full HPI check, and a full report of any findings.

Fault Finding & diagnostic checks

Whether it is just a diagnostic check or a fault code reset to full in-depth fault finding, RD9 uses the latest technology to help reduce the diagnostic time.

We carry out a full write up with evidence that can be attached to your invoice for future reference.  

Emergency Repairs

RD9 can come to you if your vehicle has developed an issue away from home, and you're worried about or cannot drive the car.

The van below belongs to a tradesman who had traveled down from Scotland for work. Unfortunately, one of his coolant hoses failed while he was working in Kent.

We got the hose replaced for him whilst he worked, so by the end of the working day, he was ready to drive back home.